Upon completing Workshop 1 and Workshop 2 and receiving the Certificate of Attendance and Certificate of Training in each you will have the option to receive the Certificate of Proficiency.

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Energy Balance Initiative


Be Recognized for Advanced Knowledge and Training in Energy Balance Assessments  and “Prescriptions” (EBRx)  in kcal/d as Part of the Nutrition Care Plan.

Be in the know of the Evidence Based Recommendations  (EBR) and Expert Consensus Based Best Practices (ECBP) for  Improving and Personalizing the EB-Rx  (kcal/d)

Become a Founding Member of the EB Mentor Club 2024-2025 with Access to the Expert Panel (Year 01 complimentary, $100/yr thereafter).

Participate in the Assessment, Development and Pilot Testing of New and Innovative Methods to Improve the Accuracy of the EB Equation and Implementation  (be eligible for grants and scholarships to be supported by the Energy Balance Initiative starting in 2025)

Be eligible to submit work/abstracts for scholarships to the Annual EB Update Conference (being planned for March 14-16, 2025 at the  Health Futures Conference at the University  of Arizona , Tempe, AZ)

Be on the EBI list of referrals for consumers (clients) and patients seeking their personalized EB-Rx

Enhance Nutrition Practices and Improve Client Outcomes by Initiating Individualized EB-Rx (kcal/d) as the new frontier for lifelong weight management.

Receive the EBRx Resource package that includes slides, recommended resources and (competency test based on recorded lectures and slides)


  1. Request the Certificate of Training COT Resource Package for both Workshop 1 (Assessment and Rx) and Workshop 2 (Skills Development) upon completion and receipt of the Certificate of Attendance (COA) for 4.0 and 4.25 CPEUs, respectively.  (note:  there will be a box for you to check to indicate your interest in completing the Certificate of Training (COT) for each Workshop 1 and Workshop 2;  it is best to complete ASAP, but within 6 months of finishing the workshop)
  1. Complete the Test for each Workshop online and Submit ASAP.  You must receive a score of > 80%.  The test is based on the slides and lectures only
  1. After you have completed and submitted the tests for both Workshop 1 and Workshop 2, you will receive a Certificate of Training or COT 1 EB Assessment and Rx and COT 2 EB Skills Training.  When both have been completed, you will receive the final assessment form which is a Case Study to be completed and submitted back online.
  1. The case study will be reviewed by the EBI faculty and when passed with at least 80% confidence, the Energy Balance Certificate of Proficiency (EB-COP) will be issued and you will be put on the list for benefits by the EBI. (listed above).

Contact: info@genquestnutrition.com

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