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Energy Balance Initiative

Go FAR - Workshop Part 3

Virtual Demonstration and Training


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Monthly Workshops being planned for 2024.
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Go FAR - Workshop Part 1

Improving and Personalizing the Energy Balance Assessment and RX

Go FAR - Workshop Part 2

Application and Skills Development for Achieving and Maintaining Energy Balance

DATE CHANGES:   Limited Schedule for Workshop 3 and Certification until 2024.

Workshop 1 and 2 can be taken in any order, but both are required for the Certification of Energy Balance Initiative. 

FREE Enrollment for those who have attended Workshop 1 or Workshop 2 and other “invited” professionals with special interests in Energy Balance 

An Annual update is planned for late March 2024 . Join the “Energy Balance Initiative Club” and move forward with us.

Limited Special Pricing for Graduate Students and Dietetic Interns



  1. To demonstrate and encourage “Best Practices“ recommended for 2023-2024 by the Energy Balance Initiative;
  2. To encourage comparisons with existing practices for possible improvements of the EB Equation;
  3. To encourage participation and sharing of innovations in the field with the EBI (at Future Annual Meetings, Workshops, etc.) through both formal (abstracts, publications, etc.) and informal (discussions, mentoring, etc.) venues and discussions with the expert panel as mentors; and,
  4. To move the field forward by interprofessional collaborations to personalize and improve EB recommendations utilizing new technology, methods, and products by evidence-based practices.

PRE-REGISTRATION is recommended 30 days prior to the workshop to guarantee you a spot.


  • This is a limited very “special offer “at the initiation of the EBI Workshops in 2023.   We are planning to make the Self-Study Modules available in 2024.
  • Certificates of Attendance (COA)  will be awarded for  WS 2 (4.5 CPEUs) .  WS 1 & 2 will be combined in 2024 and offered virtually monthly (every third Saturday) if there is demand beyond the Self-Study Module.
  • WS 3 is Optional but recommended.  It is free and will be available “on demand” on our websites.
  • Sponsors are offering special support and prices for EBI attendees.  Visit their website for more information.
  • EB CERTIFICATION” is  available upon completion of WS 1 and WS2 and completion of passing the test on-line. The slides and test will be pass-word protected and available to the attendees for a limited time.
  • An Annual Meeting for updating and sharing ideas, new methods, etc.  will be scheduled about May 2024.


4        Critical Thinking and Decision Making.
4.1     Demonstrates sound professional judgment and strategic thinking in practice.
4.1.4  Demonstrates effective, appropriate and timely consultation with experts and others.

Optional Products

We will be demonstrating the highly recommended products below because they improve the Energy Balance Equation. However, they are not required for certification.


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Diet ID - Dietary Assessment & Digital Toolkit

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The Black Bag

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Accusplit Pedometers

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Workshop 3

Monthly Workshops being planned for 2024. Sign up here to get updates on upcoming Workshops and more!

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